Nanne Jul was born in Odense Friday, July 13, 1990. She is inventive and technically she has a well-developed sense to exploit the many options of the visual media. She has a very intuitive approach to art, which often gives her paintings a personal and expressionistic expression. She master basic draw and painting techniques and find it easy to use them to express herselves pictorially. It gives her work nerve and an unquestionable quality.

Nanne Jul is guidet by emotions and open to impulses connecting the realm of imagination, which in turn opens up for new viewpoints. Nanne Juls worldview goes from a formless world into a world of images filled with impulses and picturesque telling ability. Nanne Jul breathes through the present, interpret and be inspired by others’ charisma. Nanne Jul allways sees and allways focus on the positive things and always striving for positive angles, to open up to a better world.

-Marin Thygesen from Galleri Solvognen